Sex and the (First) City

It wasn’t all about duty and honor. Walk with us through the streets of Philadelphia as we discuss a side of the Founders that is rarely mentioned.  Hear about Washington’s first great love with Sally Fairfax, the woman married to his best friend; Jefferson’s marriage, relationship with his slave Sally Hemmings, and his courtship of several attractive – but married – women; learn about Govereur Morris, the leading ladies man of the Founding and a man who did it all with one leg; the love affair of John and Abigail Adams that never diminished; and the first great sex scandal of the country, involving Alexander Hamilton, blackmail, and his payments to the husband of Maria Reynolds so that he could continue to enjoy his wife! This is a tour you do not want to miss!

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Philadelphia Visitor’s Center, 6th & Market Streets
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at 6:45pm for a prompt departure at 7:00pm.
RETURN TIME Approximately 90 minutes after departure.
WEAR Comfortable clothing and shoes for a walk you won’t forget!
Expert Guide Light Refreshments
90 Minute Tour Walking Tour
 $80 per ticket