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Indispensable: Learning How to Succeed and Lead from George Washington

In this new book by historian David Cross, we see Washington in a completely new light.

We learn how Washington DECIDED to become a leader, the approach he designed for himself, how he struggled – and often failed along the way.

We learn how he ultimately triumphed to become the one person uniquely able to guide our country to victory and independence.

Filled with never before shared stories of Washington’s early life, this book offers a roadmap for success that is every bit as valuable today as it was in the 18th century.


Visit IndispensableLeadership.com for more information.

The cast of Hamilton joined us for a day of Philadelphia tours and conversation! 



Independence Tour – Private

Our private version of this popular tour is perfect for scouts, corporate groups, convention visitors and families.


Includes a visit from Dr. Rush to your school!

At Bow Tie Tours, we pride ourselves on providing those “goose bump moments” that allow students and adults to come face to face with the founding of the country. With our total package, we offer the best historical field-trip experience in Philadelphia.


Visit Amish Country

Join us on this full-day excursion to another world, where the Amish live, renouncing electricity and many of the other trappings of modern society.

Sex and the (First) City

It wasn’t all about duty and honor. Walk with us through the streets of Philadelphia as we discuss a side of the Founders that is rarely mentioned.

The Rocky Tour

Fans of Rocky will love this tour, which takes you to all of the important sites used in the Rocky series!

The Valley Forge Tour

Learn how leadership, perseverance, and a little luck helped us win our independence against incredible odds!


confessionPrior to this year, I have often felt defeated by the process of giving historical walking tours to students in the field trip setting.  You have to understand, at Bow Tie Tours we want our tours to be exceptional, and we want to actually bring people as close to the history of early America as we can. It is time travel we are after here, and the goose bumps that accompany time travel…


“You can’t go wrong with this tour!  David talks about the founding fathers like he went to college with them!  I mentioned I liked the stories about the unsung heroes and he focused on those characters in history.  I will suggest this tour to everyone who goes to Philly.  They have a true passion for history and bringing it to life for those who come and visit.  He also was conscientious of our lives and interested in who we were.

If you want a lively educational tour in Philly, Bowtie tours is the only choice!”

Amanda G., March 2016