Visit Amish Country

See Living History on this full-day excursion to another world, where the Amish live, renouncing electricity and many of the other trappings of modern society.  You will visit a museum that tells you about the Amish, but then join our expert guide to see actual Amish Life, including schools, farms, roadside produce.  Your guide will tell you about the fascinating history of the Amish and the way in which they live today.  Learn about the key decision all Amish children must make before adulthood, and the consequences of betraying their community and becoming “shunned.”  Have lunch (not included in price of tickets) in a real Amish restaurant before returning to “the real world.”  Although, after this entertaining and informative day, you may question which of our worlds is truly “real”!

You will not want to miss this opportunity to experience this unique and fascinating community.

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