Washington Crossing and the Battle of Trenton (Full Day Tour)

In the winter of 1776, the fate of Washington and his army looked bleak.  Washington’s soldiers had suffered defeat after defeat, and many looked forward to December 31st as the day they could leave the army and go home.  With his back against the wall, Washington took a wild gamble that transformed not only the war, but how Americans would perceive him from that day onward.

This is a special, full-day tour, that takes you not only through Washington’s daring crossing of the Delaware, but everything that followed, including the Battle of Trenton and the Battle of Princeton. You will see the homes where the generals were staying riot to battle, and will be able to see the actual room in which the Hessian prisoners were held, as well as the graves of individuals who were on the boat with Washington.

This is not your average tour, but is something for the true history aficionado!

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Pick up at your hotel or meet at the site.
DEPARTURE TIME Scheduled to your convenience.
RETURN TIME Approximately 6 hours after departure.
WEAR Comfortable clothing and shoes for a walk you won’t forget!
Expert Guide Light Refreshments
5 Hour Tour Walking Tour
$425 for 1 to 3 people; $575 for 4 to 7.