Join Author and Attorney David Cross, as we explore the creation of the Constitution by getting to know the four great figures who brought it about – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison. In this fascinating five-day tour we will get to know each of these unique individuals as we discuss their particular roles in bringing about the Constitution.

1. Thomas Jefferson was not in Philadelphia when the Constitutional Convention occurred, but his Declaration of Independence served as the clarion call to a new country. We will learn about his significant contributions to our current perspective of the Constitution, both from his debates on its meaning with Alexander Hamilton, and his actions as President of the United States.
2. George Washington knew better than any of the other Founders just how dangerous it could be to try to go forward without a significant central authority. Washington was indispensable in bringing about the creation and ratification of the Constitution, and became its most important interpreter as he sought, as the first President of the United States, to divine the true meaning and intent behind a vague and sometimes baffling document.
3. Alexander Hamilton saw it as his “odd destiny” to fight for the Ratification of the Constitution, despite his private view that it was a “frail and worthless document.” Despite his failure to convince anyone at the Constitutional Convention to support his ideal of a government based loosely on the British model, it was Hamilton, along with Madison, (and, to a far lessor degree, John Jay) who wrote the Federalist Papers which examined the meaning behind the Constitution to New York voters. It was also Hamilton who, as the nation’s first Secretary of Treasury, opposed Jefferson’s strict constructionist beliefs and convinced President Washington that there were powers within the Constitution not specifically states.
4. James Madison is, indeed, the Father of the Constitution. His Virginia Plan served as the model from which the Constitution sprang, and his dedication to transcribing the events that occurred in Philadelphia in 1787 is the greatest gift to posterity known to Americans. Finally, it was Madison who had to face down Patrick Henry, “the Demosthenes of the Revolution,” in Richmond, Virginia to secure the Constitution’s Ratification in that key state.

History, Emerson said, is biography, and as we study the Constitution, we will study these fascinating individuals who brought it about. Perhaps you are a lawyer with a particular interest in the Constitution, (contact us about receiving CLE credits). Perhaps you are a serious student of American history, or perhaps you might be somebody who is curious about taking a deeper look into the Constitution to better understand events of today. Maybe you are all of these things! Contact us for this exciting five day tour!


Evening Before Day 1: Passengers are greeted at the Philadelphia International Airport or 30th Street Station and transferred to the hotel. There is an introduction to the tour and a chance to get acquainted over a welcome drink.

Day 1: The morning begins with a lecture: James Madison – The Father of the Constitution. After breakfast, we will take a four-hour walking tour of Philadelphia and will see a number of sites relevant to the Constitution, including Independence Hall, the home of the Constitution, as well as Congress Hall, the birthplace of our transfer of power. After our walk, we will enjoy a brief lunch (in which you may purchase a true Philadelphia Cheese Steak). From there we go to the Constitution Center, where you can enjoy the exhibits and show from the only Museum in the country dedicated to our Constitution. After that, we will enjoy a dinner at City Tavern, the place where the Founders discussed what kind of Constitution they would prefer, and also discuss the Constitution with its Father, James Madison.

Day 2: The morning begins with the lecture: Alexander Hamilton and the Ratification of the Constitution.

After breakfast we will travel to New York where we will see where Alexander Hamilton lived. This tour will include Hamilton Grange, the home of Alexander and Eliza. From New York, we will travel to the Mount Vernon area and will dine at the Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant.

Day 3: The morning begins with the lecture: George Washington – The Indispensable Founder.

We will visit Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington, and see the Education Center as well as the Presidential Library. We will then travel to the Monticello area in the evening.

Day 4: The morning begins with the lecture: Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.

After an early morning breakfast, we will travel to Monticello, Virginia, where we shall see the home of Thomas Jefferson. If you have not visited Monticello before, prepare yourself to see something absolutely unique, as this is not only the home where Jefferson resided, it is the home that he created! We will sup at the Continental Divide.

Day 5: The morning begins with the lecture: The Relationships between Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Hamilton, and how they affected the Constitution.

On this day we will travel to the home of James Madison, the Father of the Constitution. Madison’s home at Montpelier, Virginia, is a treasure and has been recently refurnished. In the afternoon we will transport everybody back to Philadelphia’s airport or the 30th Street Station.

Cost: 1 ticket – $2,999.00
Couples (who share accommodations) – $4,500.00

What is included in the tour price? 5 nights-accommodation, airport transfers on first and last day of tour, travel to each of the sites, inclusion into each of the sites. (We do not include the dinners, as we have found that our patrons would rather be permitted to choose their own meals and not be limited by any group dining options.)

For attorneys seeking credit, there is an additional $50 per day for the lecture, and the total cost is $3,249.

Contact us early, as we keep these tours small in order to provide a more personalized and meaningful experience, and they tend to sell out!