One Time Only Rocky Extraordinaire + Rocky Movie Night!

This only happens once a year, and only the true Rocky Fans Take Part! Only on July 1 can we combine the ultimate Rocky Tour with an actual viewing of the Rocky film FROM THE ROCKY STEPS!

This is for THE REAL Rocky fan. You know who I’m talking about. Did you name your dog Balboa? Do you have Rocky quotes posted in your bedroom? Is a trip to Philadelphia to see where the Rocky/Creed saga took place on you bucket list, just above Paris and Rome? If so, than this is the Rocky Tour for you.

We at Bow Tie Tours know that there is the Rocky fan, and then there is the real Rocky fan. This full-day extravaganza is for the real Rocky fan. Only the Rocky Tour Extraordinaire offers a full day of Rocky touring that includes over 25 Stops and a choice of Cheesesteaks (would you like yours from the iconic Pat’s where Gazzo gave Rocky that $500 to help him train, or would you rather come to Max’s, where Apolis had his first date with Bianca?)

The whole thing will end off with a viewing of “Rocky” from the actual Art Museum Steps! Join us as we leap to the air and celebrate from the actual spot where Rocky himself did so. This is a once in a lifetime experience you will not want to miss!

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